I had a completely different post written for today.  It was cute, I thought it was clever even, what I was lacking was a compelling photo to match my witty text. This is where good old karma comes along and bites me in the ass.  (yes I just typed ass.  if this offends you in any way, you may want to just click away now because I am in a mood. Not a good one.) So yeah, mornings, ah mornings, (sense the sarcasm do you?) setting up my coffee machine, grabbing my camera, clicked off a few shots, thought to myself, maybe 1 more…  I push the shutter release and this is where is all falls apart.  It sounds off right away.  It sticks open.  (huh? that was weird)  Hmmmm… Shut it off, turn it back on… Click. Stick…  Ok,  getting concerned.  Shut off, take out battery, insert battery, remove lens, re-attach lens, turn on. Click. Stick.  The LCD screen flashing “Err” at me, almost cheerily. My heart sinks. This is a new(ish) camera body, about a year old.  You see where I am going with this right? Three weeks over a year….  Three weeks past the warranty.  This is my morning.  I hope the 7 shots I DID get off before my camera decided to take a shit will be ok.  I plug it in to my laptop,  no dice.  The photos are now stuck, “unreadable” in my camera body still flashing that “Err” at me…  ERR-RRRRRRRRRR is right!  Makes me want to growl, stomp my feet, cry, hang my head in disbelief. But this IS life.  Life throws curve balls.  Some days BIG ones.  Ones we don’t want.  Ones we never saw coming.  Ones we are unsure how to fix.  Ones that almost always seem to come at just the wrong time.

Two words keep ringing loud and clear in my head right now, EPIC FAIL. Have you had one of those mornings? Maybe not your camera breaking, but just one of those mornings where every little thing seemed to go wrong.  No matter how hard you tried, or planned, or prepared, it fell apart right in front of you.  No amount of band aids could fix it.  No amount of coffee seemed to help.  One of those mornings where you feel yourself waving the white flag of surrender, as the words “do over” scream in your head.   Or even worse, those mornings where you wish you had just stayed in bed. “Keep Calm and Carry On”, yeah I have the poster. It hangs in my living room as a blaring reminder.  Some days I think I might be better served with that mantra tattooed on my forehead, or the palm of my own hand.

I am not fishing for sympathy here.  It broke. That sucks. We all know it.  I say “we” since I figure most anyone reading this is here because you too love your camera, and your life with a working one.  So instead of, “oh Kristin that sucks. So sorry”, tell me one of your morning fail stories please. We can all agree that life sometimes hits hard, but we do inevitably carry on.  Besides, misery loves company, and I’d love a good dose of distraction right now, so spill.



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  1. March 12, 2012

    Just this morning, I wondered why every weekday morning feels like an epic fail. Socks don’t go on right. Cereal takes too long to eat. Someone stomach hurts. “Get dressed!” is repeated and then screamed. This morning, we had all of this.

  2. Kate #
    March 12, 2012

    My house key is firmly stuck in the lock leading to the garage. After wrestling with it for almost 10 minutes, I took the rest of my keys off the key ring and left it stuck in the lock, waiting for my husband to get it out tonight. And that was after my two cups of coffee and a diet Coke. . . . Sigh.

    Sorry about your camera! Hope it gets better soon!

  3. March 12, 2012

    ERR….first morning of march break, first morning to sleep in…or so i thought. I get up every morning at 6:30am and start my usual morning routine…some days smooth other days not…i usually sit down around 8:00am once everyone is gone. Today no alarm clock for me…visions of the clock showing 10am and i’m just rolling out of bed….this is how it went instead…

    hubby’s alarm goes off at 6:45, 6:49, 6:52, 7:00, 7:05…two alarms set and he’s still not moving…but I’M UP! 7:30 and he finally gets out of bed…thankfully he closes our door and Josh’s door and tries to be as quiet as he can. I toss and turn and then listen to Stirling sniffing under the door and then wining to get it…there’s a reason i don’t want her in…she sticks her head through the blinds and growls or barks at everyone that passes by…so i try to ignore her. I toss and turn and finally start to fall asleep…hubby comes in to tell me he’s leaving and kisses me goodbye, god bless him for that, but i could have done without being woken up again, I would have been fine not getting a kiss until he gets home from work….I toss and turn some more listening to the dog at the door and then the sound of the garbage truck outside…”shit, did anyone take the garbage out?”…i chuckle to myself, of course not…so much for sleeping in…but hey, josh is enjoying day one of march break…he’s still in bed!

    • March 12, 2012

      My husband does this with his alarm every morning. It’s my break now too, and was my first morning to sleep in. Instead the baby was up at 6:30. With the time change! One of these days I WILL sleep in.

  4. March 12, 2012

    Somehow mine always include epic messes. The worst-and this is disgusting- is when I decided to wash out a cup that I found in the car. It was wyatt’s and it had been so long ago that I couldn’t remember what was in it. I couldn’t get the lid off so I popped the straw up and rotten smoothie shot all over me, and all over the kitchen. I can’t even explain how disgusting it was. There still might be traces of it on my kitchen ceiling.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your camera.

  5. Kate #
    March 12, 2012

    Ugh, those mornings I have to get a toddler somewhere quickly. Last week I took her for a dental checkup….at 9am…across the city. (WTF was I thinking when I set that up?) I’m up, she’s up. She’s cranky. She won’t eat, which sucks because I pictured her waking up all sunshine-and-daisies, then eating, then having a really good teeth brushing – ’cause you know, the dentist. But no, not hungry (but will start yelling “eat, EAT!” at the top of her lungs once we’re trapped in rush hour traffic). The 48 hours preceding the dentist were full of snowy, blizzardy goodness, so the roads suck, the traffic sucks, and the 35 minute ride takes over an hour. With a hungry, cranky 2 year old. And then the dentist walks in, says “let’s have a quick look”, does just that….and in under 12 seconds, says “okay, see you again in 6 months” and is off. And we so marched our cranky asses over to the donut shop across the road and covered every last tooth with glazed, sugary fried dough.

  6. March 12, 2012

    This was the perfect weekend to ski. Beautiful weather – warm temperatures – sun shining – the dummy crash races scheduled for after lunch (my camera in hand) – my parents up to check the mountain out – my niece graduating to the big chair lift – and then one vomiting son ending the dream. Over. Toilet views quickly replaced those of the lake and mountain. Ugh.

    (oh and my Kindle broke over the weekend…yeah yeah – stay calm…and carry on)

  7. March 12, 2012

    This morning I texted my sister telling her that I walked the dogs and didn’t wear a bra and my nipples are now killing me because I think I chafed them. At least, I thought I texted my sister….I really sent it to my crush. Bye bye future husband.

    • March 12, 2012

      Alex – oh no, you didn’t! Shit balls. Maybe he’ll take is as really amazing come on talk and the story will be passed on by your offspring for generations to come. Fingers crossed.

    • March 13, 2012

      maybe he will want to nurse them back to supple health??? we can all hope!

  8. March 12, 2012

    I’m really sorry about your camera. I can imagine how awful that feels and am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that you can get it fixed easily and inexpensively.
    Fail? All the time. About two weeks ago though I put myself on a schedule/routine to make mornings easier, and last week I thought I’d finally gotten it down, but this morning the time change did me in. I woke up on time but was so groggy I was behind with breakfasts and lunches and my girls didn’t have enough time to eat and I was yelling at them about it. As not eating breakfast is NOT an option in my home due to illness, it’s on me to make sure they have good breakfasts and time to eat it, but mornings are so hard for me that if one little thing goes wrong, I lose control.

  9. jess lewis #
    March 12, 2012

    i had that err moment with my camera. i remember it well, and the panic that set in. i’m so glad you still have that d60 to get you through this. hopefully, nikon will come through for you. in the meantime, thank goodness for each new day and being able to start again. i’ve had many a failed morning, and on those mornings the next day can’t come fast enough.

  10. March 12, 2012

    This morning it was a diaper blow out that I didn’t notice until he’d sat on various surfaces around the house. Just f*ing toilet train, already!

    Shitty luck with the camera, K. I have faith that Nikon will make it better. Just pray to the God of Nikon. She’ll come through. 😉

  11. March 13, 2012

    Oh morning of mornings, mine went like this: Alarm was set for 7 am and I have to say, I honestly do not remember shutting it off….but I did. And I sprang like a jackrabbit out of the bed at 8:10! Holy F$%$!! A mere 15 minutes before I was supposed to be out the door. And I guess because of the time change…. my girls were dead asleep still. Ugh. Wake them up, and I here, mom? My one eye is itchy and hard to open…you’ve got to be kidding it’s PSSA test week which she cannot for the love of God miss. So…..I don’t know how, but in 15 minutes, I managed to find magic eye drops, explain the importance of not touching her eyes and washing hands, comb the little one’s wild mane, and give the girls a healthy (Not)breakfast of granola bars , and!! Make coffee and still be out the door by 8:29? MIracles happen. Perhaps, you shall have a camera miracle.

    Thank you for this by the way.

  12. March 13, 2012

    Week before last everyone was sick, including the dogs who must have found something they shouldn’t have to eat. One morning I delt with other people’s (or dog’s) poop probably 10 times, their pee sometime around 5, and vomit 3 times. When things finally got under control I had a blissful couple hours when I could run and do a huge list of errands while everyone (husband included) napped only to realize when I was done that I had poop on my shirt. Poop that had been there for at least three hours while I ran through stores all over town and talked to God knows how many people.

    Epic fail.

  13. Laura #
    March 13, 2012

    Last year I photographed a charity event for a beautification of our downtown. 8,000 volunteers came together to paint, clean, plant trees, etc. In one area near the highway, an artist had designed a mural to be painted on the concrete slope. It was a beautiful design and planned out as sort of a paint by number for the volunteers to follow. The morning light was so pretty at the top of the slope ….and you all know how that light can be magnetic…. and volunteers were all over it painting parts of the mural….so I began climbing. I was trying so very hard for an unusual shot. And then my heel hit what I thought was concrete, but turned out to be wet paint…gray wet paint….same color as the concrete….and I slid baby. I slid the entire way down the mural on my ass with camera in hand. Oh yes I did. All the while hearing “ooooohhhhhh” from the volunteers. Yep. And THAT, my friends, is how you make a scene. On a side note, miraculously, I only ruined a small strip and everyone was really sympathetic. Epic Fail.

    • March 13, 2012

      that story is beyond epic laura. it makes me wince. oh you poor girl!!! i would want to magically disappear, and then move out of state. 🙂

  14. March 13, 2012

    thanks so much for sharing ladies. we all have those mornings… do-overs for sure. XO

  15. allison mcd #
    March 13, 2012

    i’ve had a week straight of epic fail mornings … dental issues, power outages, and shitty moods. hopefully tomorrow is *actually* a new day. it’s about freaking time. (despite your epic fail, Kristin, i sure am glad to be reading you over here). xoxo

  16. March 13, 2012

    Let’s see . . . last Saturday when I broke our bed getting out of it, yesterday when I couldn’t get the Internet to work at home AND I couldn’t get it to work on my phone, when I feel like I am a shit mother, and when my students fail a quiz. But, it’s all part of moving on and making it better. Hope your camera gets fixed post haste . . . because epic fails can turn into perfect 10s!

  17. March 23, 2012

    I’ve been there. For Christmas last year, my husband bought me the camera I’d been wanting for soooo long. It’s a 1972 Canonet QL17 GIII. For my birthday he took me to Chicago, my favorite place of all time, and I thought it would be a great place to take the Canonet. The morning of my birthday, I woke up and we went to the cute little bakery/coffee shop in the hotel and to my demise my Canonet’s shutter release was not functioning properly. No click! And it was snowing through the buildings onto the passerbys. So not only did my Canonet break, but I got to witness all the awesome shots I would have been able to take with a vintage camera. I. Feel. Your. Pain.

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