this past weekend was  a long one (in a good way). matt isn’t teaching at the art center right now, which means our weekend seemingly starts on thursday. it felt like the first full weekend of spring, too. it was a weekend that perfectly balanced laziness with productiveness.  slightly sleeping in, chalk painting, too many trips to the home improvement store, aka hell (but, 5 years later and our new kitchen windows finally have screens!!), i started and  finished reading bossypants, unpacking the summer clothes and stashing the winter clothes that have a chance of still fitting on the next go round.  considering i’ve gained 10 pounds (i’m lying. it’s closer to 15) since last summer and feel like a sausage when i try to stuff myself into the shorts from last summer, the odds are looking bad for me, but lets not go there now.

instead, we’ll go here.
friday we had a lazy day because there was no school and matt was at the studio working on a sculpture. i did my thing (laundry) and the kids did their thing. eating. coloring. and playing who ate the fart. bea usually wins because she’s the one that started this game and she’s the one that farts the most, so she gets her thumb to her forehead first and tips off everyone else. it’s really a lot of fun when you are out to eat at a restaurant  and she yells out, “YOU ATE THE FART!” and points at you. for the record, i rarely lose at this game, so i’m usually not the one getting singled out. (hint: it’s usually matt).

saturday was a trip to the home improvement store for window screens, plants and finding out you can’t buy a screen door for sliding glass doors that costs less than $800 and isn’t a piece of shit. they all fall apart by the end of the season. the one that costs $800 might too, but i am for sure not going to find out. and if you thought i was the one that had the inevitable meltdown at the home improvement store, you would be wrong. it was this guy.  (and i don’t blame him. that place sucks when you’re dragging your unwilling children around with you).

bea has napped maybe once in the past week so she’s sleeping in a bit later than usual. i think this is a good thing, but some days i need her to take a nap. this gets more difficult as the weather gets nicer because i feel bad having her nap when it’s so beautiful out. i think i’ll be opting for lazy mornings watching cartoons on the kindle rather than resting for an hour or so in the afternoon.

of course, there will be days in the near future when we’re exhausted by 11:00, the heat will be unbearable and we’ll retreat into my room (the coolest on those cruel days) and the lazy cartoon watching will occur in the afternoons. it’s crazy to me how close those days are.

this morning i spent an embarrassing amount of time  removing those weird gray hairs that are thick and crazy looking and stick up  right where my hair naturally parts. i’m not that vain when it comes to gray hair (yet), but those crazy stray ones that stick up really bother me. i love women  who have that gorgeous silver gray hair. but, i’m not ready to love me with that color hair (yet).  (you either got this teeny tiny rant or the long one about having to shave my legs and armpits every other damn day now that it’s 80+ degrees outside).  ***also, please disregard the puffy bed face. i had only been awake for about 8 minutes. it’s amazing i don’t have pillow creases and dry, crusted drool on my face.***

we wrapped up our long weekend by having our friend joe over for breakfast and eating a delicious meal of eggs, spinach, goat cheese, potatoes and red peppers (courtesy of matt), drinking pots of coffee, gardening and  our one thousandth game of  “YOU ATE THE FART!”. (it wasn’t me. i swear.)

how did you spend your weekend?



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  1. March 19, 2012

    LOL! oh yes always a good game. taylor loved that game as a kid. i still find myslef doing it when i burp, my thumb goes right up. we did burps and farts…
    you weekend sounds lovely and i now want some potatoes and peppers.

    • March 19, 2012

      i think it’s bea’s favorite game right now!
      i saw your photos on flickr. looks like we had a similar weekend. i hope the nice weather stays with you guys!

  2. courtneystnkface #
    March 19, 2012

    Henry has short hair! Aiden will be so disappointed. Is it June, yet? I need to see you all.

    • March 19, 2012

      i know! matt took him for a haircut one day and that’s how he wanted it. he loves it!
      we can’t wait to see you guys, too! it’s going to be here sooner than we think!

  3. Laura #
    March 19, 2012

    We had a similar weekend… (It wasn’t me either!) …and the kids were even in the sprinkler on Sunday evening!!

    • March 19, 2012

      same here! it seems so crazy for march. i guess it just came up on me so quickly. the winter was so mild here i was expecting a blizzard some time this month.

  4. joelynnej #
    March 20, 2012

    And here I thought they were giving you the forehead L for Loser. “Who Ate The Fart?” is far more respectful, thank goodness!

    • March 22, 2012

      we’re more into doing the L7 wienie than the L on the forehead move.

      henry lost his mojo on the who ate the fart game today. he doesn’t want to play anymore. on the other hand, bea was sitting on the porch by herself and she still did the move.

  5. March 21, 2012

    I remember reading this on the road and laughing so hard at the last photo that a stranger shot me a look.

    • March 22, 2012

      bea is playing the game even when she’s alone. i caught her on the porch, alone, with her thumb to her forehead.

  6. March 25, 2012

    Your gray hair photo. Thats me. Right there, in a wrap. Holding out on the hair colouring but it has to happen sometime soon. Loved your post. Beautiful kids. Lovely read.

    • March 25, 2012

      thank you, mybrightlife! i’m reluctant to color my hair, too. luckily, for now i can get away with plucking the few strays. and really, i just pluck the crazy looking ones!

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