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  1. July 23, 2012

    Hippie babies and hula hoops! I’m in heaven!

  2. July 23, 2012

    Everything about those photos made me happy. I love seeing tiny ones with a hula hoop!!

  3. July 23, 2012

    Great pics. Long to be there! Will add to my wish-list..

  4. July 23, 2012

    Oh my goodness! Those little girls with the hoop! Ahhhhh! I can’t get over it!

  5. July 23, 2012

    love these photos! I wanna go there.

  6. ellen #
    July 24, 2012

    Beautiful pictures! Especially the hula-hopping one!

  7. July 24, 2012

    Ahh, the sound of Bluegrass. There’s nothing quite like enjoying banjos and fiddles (violins) being played at the end of a long day. I think I’m going to load up some Alison Krauss.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. July 24, 2012

    i love every photo you took on that trip. i’m still working on convincing matt that we need to go to this. i haven’t shown him what the line up was, i think that will do the trick though!

  9. Laura Yurs #
    July 26, 2012

    LOVE. THESE. PHOTOS. Makes me want to jump in my car and drive off to the nearest music festival…

  10. bethanypetrik #
    July 26, 2012

    This is Epic.

    Seriously. So, so, sososo rad.

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