and i’m a serial hobbyist.  i enjoy learning new things. if something piques my interest enough i have to try. some hobbies stick, some ebb and flow, and others  get put on the back burner.

here are just a few of my hobbies – past, present, and future.


there was the summer (2011) i wanted to learn how to play the banjo. i bought new strings, learned how to tune it (repeatedly, because it kept slipping out of tune).  learned a few tricks through the magic of youtube and then one day i just set it down never to be picked up again. well, except for pulling it from the dark corner in which it hibernates for the sole purpose of taking a picture of it for this post. i may have even attempted a photo from a different angle, but from this angle you can’t see the 1/2 inch layer of dust on the poor thing. learning to play is still on my to-do list; i’m filing it under ‘future hobbies that will never be mastered’. for now, i just don’t have the dedication to practice as often as i should. my interests are being pulled in other directions. but, i swear banjo, one day i’ll come back to you!  *this one may not qualify as an actual hobby, but more of an attempt at a hobby.



i picked up knitting about 11 years ago or so. i did the usual and knit scarves and hats. then people i knew started having babies so i moved on to blankets and wee little socks. then came big socks and sweaters of all sizes. after that, nothing. the knitting bug was gone. but, i missed it so i started on a shawl and half way through i fucked it up royally. i was so turned around on that thing. i brought it with me to philadelphia and jill (thankfully) rescued it for me. i came home so excited to finish it and then i did it again. completely screwed it up! i frogged that thing and never looked back.

okay. that’s not entirely true. i did look back . i miss the knitting. i started a scarf for my girl this winter (a year after i frogged that shawl), but it was mild here so i never felt a rush to finish it up. it’s still only half done. but, it’s practically summer here and i’ve never been a summer knitter (ridiculous and pathetic, i know). the good thing about stopping knitting for such a period of time is that my stash seems like new yarn again. and i’m tempted, i really am! but, the warmest months are when i get my sewing itch. which leads me to . . .


yeah, that’s my sewing machine shoved to the corner of the table in my room. buried behind kid art, camera bags, prints that need frames, a penguin in need of an eye patch, and things that should have been mailed long ago. i’m trying to remember the last thing i made on that machine and i’m struggling. pajama pants for the kids? maybe. probably not. my iron died months and months ago and you can’t really sew without having an iron around so that’s been my excuse. erika, with all her quilt making and gifting finally gave me the push to go buy a damn iron (as long as it took me to go buy one you’d think it was an item only available at specialty stores. ridiculous and pathetic, i’m telling you!) so, the next rainy day we get i’m busting that sewing machine loose and getting to work on a super hero cape for the girl. her brother is getting pissy about her wearing his cape all the time. (if the weather folks have it right, i’m probably working on this little project at the very moment you’re reading this. unless you’re reading this in the morning. i’ll need at least a full hour awake and 2.5 cups of coffee before i get going on this.) wish me luck!


my newest hobby? gardening. we’ve been growing veggies for a few years now, but i’m starting to get a little more adventurous. i love container gardening. this year i’m mixing it up and growing more herbs and a few veggies in containers along with the decorative plants. the truth is our back porch is hideously in need of replacement and until that can happen, i’m covering as much of it as possible in potted plants. i really enjoy looking up which plants will do well in our area and where in our fairly shade yard they could thrive. so far, my biggest accomplishment in regards to this hobby has not been growing actual food that we can eat, but keeping my staghorn fern alive indoors throughout the winter. i’m shocked (and thrilled) that i didn’t kill that beauty.

i feel silly calling reading a hobby, but i suppose it technically is one. this is the eternal hobby, the one i’ve loved for as long as i can remember and will never stop. yet, this hobby has an odd rhythm sometimes. i go through phases where i read tons of non-fiction, or i re-read old favorites, maybe there’s an autobiography binge, or i discover an author and then devour everything they’ve ever penned because they rocked my world. right now my schtick is, i see a book and think to myself, “i’m sure i would enjoy this book. why the fuck haven’t i read it yet?”. yeah, that’s my flow right now. i’m starting with this.

tell me, what hobbies do you have that stuck? which ones fell to the wayside? any new hobbies you’re discovering?



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  1. April 19, 2013

    Loved reading this!!! my sewing table is also cluttered with little mending tasks (and, of course, my kids stuff), too many knitting projects sit there, unfinished (laughing at me I swear!) and my banjo is sitting in a corner. I did find a way to use the banjo as decoration -it’s artistically placed, looks beautiful, but I’ve yet to pick it up and learn how to play it. This year, maybe 😉 The only “hobby” (if I can call it a hobby) that has stuck is baking, and I think this has more to do with the fact that I don’t have any bakeries near by and am always in dire need of pastries and scones.

    • April 20, 2013

      it’s good to know i’m not alone! i keep meaning to hang the banjo somewhere, so at least it’s nice to look at. i bake in spurts, mainly bread. but, in the summer i do my best at avoiding turning on the oven. i love that we share so many hobbies!

  2. EleneSallinger #
    April 19, 2013

    My latest hobby that seems to be sticking is definitely knitting. It’s my own personal zen meditation. I find that the world falls away when I knit and I love the mind-bender of having a garment made completely out of a single strand of yarn tied in knots!

    Great post! I love the term “serial hobbyist” 🙂

    • April 20, 2013

      there is so much satisfaction in having that finished object, isn’t there? i was at the craft store today and decided that cross-stitch has to be my next hobby. one of these days!

      • EleneSallinger #
        April 20, 2013

        Cross-stitch was a childhood obsession for me. It’s a lot of fun. Enjoy!

  3. April 19, 2013

    Serial hobbyist… Now I know what my condition is called!

    • April 20, 2013

      yes, you are not alone! serial hobbyists are never bored, that’s for sure.

  4. April 19, 2013

    Reading is the eternal hobby. ❤ this. It's so true.

    • April 20, 2013

      it really is true. i could live without all hobbies except reading.

  5. April 19, 2013

    i love learning about all your hobbies! i myself love gardening and reading and traveling. when i was a kid, my mom made all of our clothes and we used to have our own kids sewing machine where we made clothes for our dolls. and i seem to have picked up shooting polaroids as a hobby this year too 🙂

    • April 20, 2013

      i always love your garden photos, holly. i wish i had learned to sew when i was younger, i’m still very much a novice. and polaroids! i haven’t taken a pola in years. i miss it, but it gets too expensive too quickly for me : (

  6. April 20, 2013

    I love your stuff. ! Super talented! Reffer me 🙂

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