The Usual Suspects

So, who are the women behind Overexposed + Underdeveloped? We’re a group of friends who share a viewpoint that life should be shown as it is: beautiful, messy, mundane, good, bad, but most of all real.

We are:

Tiffani Michele has been freaking people out since 1972. She is newly single in Southern California and on the brink of either a personal breakthrough or mental breakdown…only time and the amount of bourbon she drinks will tell. When not making pancakes for dinner, baking everything in a wafflemaker or hula hooping to dubstep, she unschools three kids and works hard at breaking all the rules. Until Apple and Canon start returning calls about transplanting her iphone and camera into her head, she will continue to juggle both in her hands 24/7. She firmly believes life is too short not to laugh, drink, and swear every day. If you have a cute single friend or like watching trainwrecks, you can find her drunkbooking, twattering, and shooting the shit on her blog.

Carmen Farrell is a real sassy pants.  She loves being creative,  and tried her hand at interior design and painting before landing on photography as her true love.  She’s obsessed with reality TV (but only the classy stuff), uses the F-word way too much, and frequently overdoses on Mexican food.  If you want to get on her good side, bring her a gin & tonic.  She lives in Toronto with a man who really floats her boat – and together they struggle to stay sane while raising their 3 amazing (read, crazy) boys.  Check her out at:  Carmen Farrell Photography, Twitter and Facebook.

Jill Greenwood takes the photos that strike her fancy: yarn, books, a Starbucks cup, her cat, DAG . . . whatever. And yes, she’s been known to set the date back on her camera to get in her daily shot. Occasionally, she’ll photograph her children, but as a mom to twin daughters on the verge of their 21st birthday, it happens very, very rarely. Mother, wife, sister, daughter, teacher, knitter – choose one because she can’t. Offer her a good craft beer, a bottle Riesling, or a morning cup of coffee, and she’s yours. Reality TV is highly underrated, and she’s doing everything to preach it to the masses. You can find her at: Unraveling This Life, Twitter, and Facebook.

Jessica Lewis is an aspiring hermit, at least until she’s out of the burbs. in the meantime, she spends her days encouraging and documenting the fact that her children are just the right amount of weird. she has an affinity for bourbon, bumper stickers, singer/songwriters and lanky men. she can be found ignoring her blog a year at a time (you thought i was joking?), dropping the extremely random tweet, and giving decent facebook after a half a bottle of wine.

Erika Ray photographs her life every single day, but she refuses to clean up the mess prior to snapping the shutter. It’s her life so she photographs it as is. She’s a mother to two young boys, works a full-time job, and holds multiple titles like: wife, sister, friend, and sometimes bitch. She enjoys red wine, a strong cup of coffee, and the TV show Cops. She hates bubble gum and doesn’t understand the Bon Iver craze. You can find her at: Erika Ray Photography, Twitter, and Facebook.

Becky Reno is actively working on embracing her own aberrance after years of pseudo-conformity. In the day to day, despite coming of age in the era of cautionary 80’s beer commercials, she doesn’t know when to say when. Her m.o. is to try to squeeze far too much in and something’s got to give. Spoiler alert: it’s her sanity. When she’s not borderline neglecting her two boys to sew, cook, or take pictures, she’s at school working on an MSW and PhD in social work. She is also is renovating her house with her equally overcommitted partner. You can’t find her anywhere else because she’s too busy daydreaming about commune living and chicken raisin’.

Kristin Zecchinelli is rarely seen without her nikon slung on her shoulder. she is a sucker for all things thrifted, especially weak in the knees over perfectly worn in linens, pyrex, and vinyl. none of which she really needs, but shhhhh! that’s a secret.  she loves ink on skin, savory over sweet, pie over cake, and bakes a lot of both to keep the winter blues at bay.  she can mix a mean long island iced tea and whip up a fierce pot of chicken and dumplings. she is a cheap drunk but loves a cold beer, preferably from a frosty mason jar. she has grown one teenager and 2 wee ones, keeping her quite off  balance most days. (but really, balance is overrated right?)   throughout her life she seems to acquire nicknames that stick. from spidey, to bubbles and now mainemomma...  she embraces them all.