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I wish I had a solid reason for deciding to do a morning of Self-Portraits.  I don’t.  If I were smart, I would bullshit the readers.  The SP idea would have popped up and then I would craft a reason to write a post behind this idiotic idea.  So let’s pretend I did.  Here’s my bullshit reason:

I wanted to share the real Me with the world.  The Me before the joys and frustration of motherhood are etched on my skin.  The Me before I apply make-up and comb my hair the way society tells us Women should do.  The Me that I am comfortable with.  The Me that is so naked and raw it could only be my truest self.

But that’s bullshit.  You’ve fallen for or read that crap a million times.  Reading some version of the above BS, you’ve wondered why you aren’t that comfortable as the blogger/photographer/woman/man.  So I won’t feed you that.
Truthfully, I just needed an idea for a Morning post and sitting in front of the camera first thing in the morning didn’t seem that difficult.  For me, a morning SP is just as difficult as an afternoon or evening SP.  Most people don’t enjoy SP’s, minus Tiffani, but she’s forced herself to practice.  But I’m like most people, I hate doing SP’s.  Scratch that.  I hate sharing SP’s.  I don’t want anyone thinking that by me sharing a SP, I think I’m better/hotter/more confident than anyone.  I’m not comfortable with putting my face out there.  Seeing my face online is like hearing my voice.  It’s shocking.
But you want to know something?
I discovered that sharing a Morning SP is slightly easier.  I wasn’t awake enough to worry about how I would look in the camera.  I wasn’t aware enough to figure out how to craft a SP.  All I had to do is sit down and snap.  I knew or hoped that the readers’ expectations would be low because I just rolled out of bed.  No need to worry about what my hair looked like because I just got out of bed.  Bags under my eyes?  Of course, you see them.  I just got out of bed!  Dirty hair.  Plus I can tell my roots need to be touched up when I have to wash it every day.  Check it out.  You know I should be washing it every day.  In all of the photos, I’m wearing the same shirt I did the day before.  If you hung out with me, you’d realize I sleep in the shirt I wear the day before (after I get home from work).  In two of the shots, the shirt is the same.  Plus on the next day it’s inside-out (figure it out what happened).  When I don’t work out of the house, some days I might wear the same shirt twice.  Don’t judge.  You wish you could.  The dog appears because all she wants is love and she demands it when I sit still.  Which is only in the mornings.  Exhaustion hasn’t been erased yet and coffee is usually near.  That’s me in the mornings.  You’ve got Me.  Not trying to prove anything or trying to self-actualize.  It’s me being lazy.  I honestly needed a post and this turned out to be the easiest thing I could do.  I guess the real Me is easy.


I guess I did get a little crunchy.

Or whorish depending on your interpretation the word “easy”.

Want to try it?  Test out my theory if the morning SP is easier.  Tell me if I’m right or wrong.  If you’re brave enough or easy enough, post a link in the comments.  One person has to be crunchy enough to take this challenge.

Or whore enough.

Which do you want to be?