We’re Exploring . . .

Each month, we plan on interpreting a different theme.

Ch-ch-ch-changes! March is here (really? March, already?) and there’s something in the air. There’s a change blowing in for some of us. Maybe we’re looking for a change. Maybe we initiated it. Maybe it was changed on us.

Merry? Happy? WTF? Holidays bring out the best (and the worst) of us: twinkle lights, sugar cookies, music we only hear 1/12th of the year, finding the perfect gift, stress, Christmas ales. We’re taking it easy this month for the holidays, but we’ll be thinking of you when we can’t find our tape or wrapping paper or gifts.

Wasn’t October fun with the politics and feminism and vagina talk? November will be easy by comparison because it’s all about us. Our theme: me. And if there’s one thing we can go on and on and on about, it’s ourselves. See you on November 1!

News flash: we’re all women. And we have opinions! October, you cosmic blend of balance and resiliency, gives us a chance to discuss women and what it means to be one. And since no two women are alike, we doubt that the posts will be alike, either . . . including our first guest posts.

We’re not all dewy and happy, happy, joy, joy. Oh, no. A group of opinionated birches have their share of irritants and things we don’t like. And who knows exactly what they will be. Could be anything *sigh* and everything in between. And it all begins in September (September 4 to be exact . . . taking Labor Day off).

August is bringing out our obsessions and things we love. Shocking, right? People get obsessed by the most fascinating things: dryer lint, Angelina Jolie, the perfect pie crust. Not that we’d ever confess to any of those obsessions . . . check back August 1 to see how we are dealing with all the things we love.

If it’s July, that means summer is in full swing. Whatever your summer brings – cook-outs, camping, sweating your ass off – we’re discussing and capturing the season that most of us love. Unless there’s humidity . . . then all bets are off.

June … school’s out, the kids are getting rammy in no time flat, and pretty soon shit is bouncing off your walls. Turn up the music and play along. Might be your favorite band. Or the crappy love songs you insist on spinning every now and then. It soothes the savage soul, or at least lets you blast out your neighbors.

Hello, May! Hello, deviant/deviance. Whether is our lives or careers or passions, we’re getting our proverbial freak on this month. Because truly – who the hell really knows what normal is any more. It all begins on May 1.

So, April will bring work. It’s a dirty, four-letter word that brings up some intense reactions. Ironically enough, none of us does the same “job,” but we all work . . . come on back April 2 to see how we get down-and-dirty for work.

Come March, it will be mornings. Want to see how ten women work their way through the mornings? Mornings with kids? The morning after? When a morning becomes an evening? Check back on March 1!